The unification of the four forces (project II), etc

September 24, 2009

As a natural solution for the IED model particles, Dr Zheng-Johansson achieved (2002-2009) a prediction of Newton’s gravity (see ZJ’s early, 2004-01 draft paper), and (2006-2009) a prediction of a Doebner-Goldin form of self gravity, self gravity in the quantum mechanical form of Doebner-Goldin equation, of particle in a dielectric paramagnetic vacuum. -Updated description on four forces to be placed here soon. -See (other) recent or earlier descriptions in:

-J X Zheng-Johansson and P-I Johansson, Gravity between Internally Electrodynamic Particles (updated).

– Publications

– Unification Project I

-Zheng-Johansson, Microcopic Theory of Gravity (Zheng-Johansson’s ealy (Jan, 2004) draft edition of the gravity paper arxiv:0411245, written as one book chapter)

Zheng-Johansson’s Gravity Time Line.

Zheng-Johansson’s 2002 VR project funding application (loc KTH), title “Unification Scheme of the Four Forces“.

Zheng-Johansson’s 2001 May NFR project funding application (loc KTH), title “Fundamental Construction of Material Particles”

Zheng-Johansson’s 2001 Feb KVA project funding application (loc KTH) , title “Fundamental Construction of Material Particles”

Zheng-Johansson 2000-02 Papers /Communications on Unification Scheme

-Professor B Johansson, from the standpoint of his broad expertise in condensed matter physics and his always-encouraging attitude toward novel unconventional approaches to physics problems which (in this case) lead to an overall more coherent representation, has given Dr ZJ unestimateable moral support during ZJ’s development of the superfluid theory (1998-2002), and ZJ’s development (basically to its final form) of the subsequent unification scheme (2000 through 2002), and (BJ) is the professor who ushered the opportunity for ZJ to do these researches.

Professors B Johansson, NA and JC were the first professors who saw from their expertise in the fields the significances of the de Broglie wave solutions for the IED particle (2000-02) and polarizable dielectric vacuum. Further see Projects I/related papers for acknowledgment to Professor HD. In recent time most invaluable moral support has been given from Professor MJ.

The unification project has been privately funded by scientist P-I Johansson who has given continued moral support throughout the research. Funding exceptions: two conf travel grants (2007) from VR, a Conf fund donation (2003) from Studvik Nuclear.

Memorandum A (2005)- concerning IOFPR’s gravity paper and QTS 4 expences. (Also: Earlier events 2005.)

* *

The gravity theory for IED particle is conceived and developed by Dr Zheng-Johansson within a unification project began in 2000. On April 2, 2003, ZJ made first-time contact to Dr R Lundin, who kindly agreed to have IRF as a tentative host location for a VR funding application of Dr Zheng-Johansson’s unification project 2003-2006, with also a tentative prospect for an academic position.

The research (2003-present) in practice is privately funded by scientist P-I Johansson.

ZJ reserves the full right of ZJ’s microscopic theory of gravity as ZJ’s intellectual property.


Dr JX Zheng-Johansson (JXZJ) is the sole initiator and scientific sponsor of the unification project III/ superfluid project, is solely responsible for the conceptions and developments of the model/theories/schemes, and is solely responsible for  the writings of the scientific papers and books within the projects.

The Unification Projects began in 2000, spin-off from Dr Zheng-Johansson’s superfluid theory. The original motivation was to give a more comprehensive representation of quantum particles, as the superfluid He II atom is, in respect to quantization, wave phenomena, and excitations, etc.

The initial pivotal experimental inputs used for conceiving the IED particle model were the Davison-Germer and GP Thompson experiments demonstrating (free) electron diffraction, hence the de Broglie wave and relations, the experimental facts of the convertibility (by absorption/ emission) between matter particle’s thermal energy and electrometric radiation and that the quantization of matter wave and electromagnetic wave share the common formulas of “Planck constant h /(deB or EM) wavelength” (or h (deB or EM) wavelength” (or h x (deB or EM wave) frequency”.

After a concentrated period of interatively going through possible schemes/solutions and contrasts with exp observations/ overall properties during spring–summer() 2000, when I (JXZJ) eventually produced with mathematical solution a de Broglie phase wave- a traveling plane wave, “I knew I had a particle scheme in hand”.

At a later stage at the vacuum-matter interface, for justifying the IED particle as the unique candidate and that the electrometric waves and their generating oscillatory charge are fully responsible for the de Broglie phase wave function, mass and total energy of a particle, the pair production and annihilation experiments (–a method utilized in tracer diffusion exp, introduced by Professor Skold, in JXZJ’ PhD thesis work at Studsvik) provide a crucial indication.

Scientist P-I Johansson is the sole financial sponsor for the Unification Projects I-II.