5.Zheng-Johansson’s 2002 VR project funding application (loc KTH), title “Unification Scheme of the Four Forces”.

It has been an ideal sought by many physicists including Newton, Schrödinger and Dirac, to reduce the various seemingly uncoupled physics rules and postulates to a minimal set of general ones. It is an ideal to which fulfilment the proposed project is to make a contribution. I (in communication with Prof. N. A(), Prof. B. Johansson, et al.) have developed a microscopic consistent General Scheme for the Fundamental Construction of Materials Particles, that is rested on an unified theoretical basis, that derives from one single microscopic physical <origin> and yields particle properties conforming to all of the pivotal experimental observations, and that facilitates an unification of classical and quantum mechanics at all velocities and an unification of the different kinds of forces, etc. The conceptual ingredients essential to the General Scheme have, through my pervious one and half years research already been concretized. The unification scheme of classic and quantum mechanics at all velocities has been essentially worked out in detail. This proposed new project aims to work out the details of the unification scheme of the electromagnetic, gravitational, strong, and weak forces, and work out the details of the other remaining aspects within the General Scheme. The General Scheme will lead to deepened understanding of the nature of a range of fundamental physical phenomena, which can help the advance of modern technology e.g. in quantum information and electronics, etc.


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