6. Zheng-Johansson’s 2001 May NFR project funding application (loc KTH), title “Fundamental Construction of Material Particles”

This project, dividing in I and II, aims to seek out a coherent physics picture of the microscopic systems and the so built-up macroscopic systems of the world. Project I aims to develop a consistent scheme for the Fundamental Construction of Materials Particles, that is rested on an unified theoretic basis, that derives from one single microscopic origin, and that conforms to all of the pivotal experimental observations. Today, most experimental observations have been able to be grouped into obeying certain rules and be predicted based on certain hypotheses and postulates which are yet to a great extent not logically interconnected. I shall show that, under the assignment of one single microscopic physical origin, the many separate rules and postulates, etc., are able to be inferred from, and so as to be reduced into, a few fundamental principles, an ideal that has been sought by many physicists. The conceptual ingredients essential to the scheme have already been concretized. Central to this, I have been able to construct materials particles, that possess the basic properties, including the charge, mass, spin, and interaction mechanism, and that are able to naturally undergo from classical mechanical to quantum regime and in turn from classical to relativistic regime, consistent with experimental observations. Project II is a continuation research on superfluids, in line with the theory of superfluidity of helium 4 developed by me and co-authors.


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